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iPad: disgusting and cool at the same time

Posted in Apple, botch by commorancy on December 22, 2011

While I initially thought the iPad wouldn’t be that useful, I have since found it does have a place in the world of computing.  Definitely not as a replacement computer, but for quick notes, as an entertainment device, light gaming or web surfing, it works quite well.  For other things, not so much. I am even typing this article on an iPad (that I was given as a gift).  So, I’ve come to like the device for its limited uses.

On the other hand,  the device can be completely disgusting in other people’s hands.  I’ve seen some people’s iPads just overrun by dirty greasy disgusting fingerprints and muck.  This is the part of this device that is completely disgusting.  I just don’t understand how people can even see the screen, let alone use their iPad with that much grimy muck all over their screen.  And, that’s the downside of the iPad.  A really big downside if you ask me.  Touching the screen, while seeming to be great idea, isn’t so great after it’s become an unslightly greasy disgusting mess.

So while I like the idea of the iPad, the screen’s tendency to become a filthy disgusting mess is just a horrid design principle.  I’d rather just use a keyboard to type with a mouse I can periodically clean and/or throw away and replace.  Most people’s mice are equally disgusting, now that grime has been transferred to the viewing surface which is all the more problematic.  I’d rather have the mess on the peripheral and not the screen.

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