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Privacy Notice


Randocity and Automattic have no affiliation. The Randocity blog site is hosted using software provided by Automattic.

Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice explains how we, at Randocity, collect, handle, process and store information about the visitors of this blog site which is operated and provided by WordPress.com (Automattic). Please see Automattic’s Privacy Policy and Automattic’s Privacy Notice which describe how the WordPress.com platform and its related components handle data privacy.

Data Collection

The Randocity blog is presently hosted via the WordPress.com platform which is owned and operated by Automattic. All initial data collection practices are handled via mechanisms offered and managed by Automattic. As a result, all initial processing of collected user data is entirely collected by, processed by, stored by and managed by Automattic via its blog software and systems.

Staff at Randocity have limited access to this collected data because of Automattic’s data handling policies and practices. For the data which becomes available to Randocity, any subsequent handling after this initial Automattic handling is performed by Randocity. Any subsequent data processing by Randocity, which may include personally identifying information, is managed in strict accordance with all US, CA and EU data privacy laws, including the GDPR.

Opting Out

If you wish to opt out and have any personally identifying information removed, use the contact form on the About Us page with enough information to identify you so your data can be removed. For data removal requests, Randocity will only remove data to which it has access and which is specifically related to Randocity. All other data removals must be handled by Automattic. You are urged to reach out to Automattic yourself and request direct removal of data Automattic has collected on you and to which Randocity has no access.

Limited Access and Blog Specific

Because the Randocity blog staff is only given limited access to user data which is specific to the Randocity blog, making user access requests via this blog’s About Us form is not likely what you are seeking. However, Randocity will provide all limited data to which it has access related to Randocity. Instead, because Automattic hosts many blog sites and for user access requests to identify what data Automattic has collected about you, you are urged to reach out to Automattic and make your user access request directly via this Automattic email address. Someone at that address will be able to provide you with, update or remove all of your collected personal data from Automattic’s system(s).


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