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Privacy Policy

Randocity and Automattic have no affiliation. Randocity does business with Automattic in exchange for which Automattic provides blog software services to Randocity.

Data Collection and Handling

By visiting this web site, you consent and agree that data about your visit may be collected. Such collected data may include time and date, your IP address, your browser type and any other information your browser may offer to Automattic’s web site software. This collected data is stored and housed entirely by Automattic.


By visiting this blog, cookies may be placed onto your browser to keep track of visits, views and other collected statistics. These aggregated statistics hold no personally identifiable information visible to the Randocity Blog site. Please see Automattic’s cookie policy for more information on how this site manages cookies.


If you choose to leave a comment, subscribe or perform any other identifying activities, this data will be stored and given limited access to Randocity but may include personally identifiable information such as your email address. This initially collected data is entirely handled by processes specific to WordPress.com (owned and operated by Automattic). You will need to read through Automattic’s Privacy Policy and Privacy Notice to better understand Automattic’s data handling practices and how their software may collect data about you when you visit Randocity.

Randocity Data Handling

In the operation of the Randocity blog, Automattic gives limited access to personally identifying information to this blog site through the administrative interface. Randocity performs no outside data handling or processing activities. All data collected within Automattic’s system stays within this system. Randocity does not sell, rent or in any way disseminate collected data to any third parties. Randocity itself also adheres to strict compliance of all US, CA and EU data privacy and data processing laws including the GDPR.

If you have questions about this policy, please visit the About Us page and fill out the contact form with your questions or concerns.


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