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Where can I find Delbert’s Traditional Chitlins in Fallout 76?

Posted in howto, tips, video game by commorancy on November 8, 2019

12-7-2018_5-54-58_AM-ma4zjmynThis is a question with few answers on the Internet. Let’s me answer it here.

Fallout 76 and Bugs

[Updated: 1/30/2022] Good news! Happy to now report this recipe is finally available in the game. After 4 years of reporting this bug both on this blog (and to Bethesda), Bethesda has finally decided to fix it. Delbert’s Traditional Chitlins is FINALLY learnable. I do not know which release actually fixed it, but it was a release sometime between September 2021 and January 2022. The last time I attempted to retrieve this recipe was in the summer of 2021 and it was still broken even then.

With that said, let’s talk about where this recipe is located.

Delbert’s Traditional Chitlins

This recipe spawns at the Spruce Knob Campgrounds located at Spruce Knob Lake and which actually gets you closest to this table via the Spruce Knob Lake fast travel point. If you have played through “The Order of the Tadpole” quest line, you have probably attempted to obtain the Swimmer’s badge. If you have, then you know this lake.

Fallout 76_20210217163215

The recipe paper is located on a picnic table right next to a blue cooler. The picnic table is next to the shore of Spruce Knob Lake. Again, use the Spruce Knob Lake fast travel marker to get here, but be sure to bring enough ammo to avoid the two Mirelurks and the Mirelurk King that skulk around the shore line.

In case you’re wondering, the issue with this Recipe is that it was formerly bugged, for 4 years running! When Bethesda released this recipe into the game, this piece of paper had no interaction (see the screenshot). However, 4 years later and this bug has now been fixed! It took 4 years for Bethesda to fix a relatively simple bug! This means you can now retrieve this recipe and learn it. However, the placement of the recipe has been moved from next to the cooler (pictured) to the left lower edge of the table.

Bug Fixes

Yay, it’s finally fixed!

All 13 Delbert’s recipes are finally available in Fallout 76. All of these recipes look like a piece of 3 hole school paper. They do not have the same appearance as standard recipes. In fact, let me explain where each of Delbert’s Recipes spawn.

Note that early in the game’s life, Delbert’s Sunshine Oil, Mountain Hocks and Appalachili all existed in Flatwoods. After the Steel Dawn update, two moved to new locations. The recipe locations are as follows:

  • Delbert’s Appalachili recipe is still located next to the armor bench on the porch of a house just across from the Flatwoods Tavern.
  • Delbert’s Bunless Cramburger recipe is located at The General’s Steakhouse in the Cranberry Bog. It is located downstairs in the basement kitchen at the end of the counter to the right just as you come down the stairs. This is NOT the same recipe as “Cramburger”. Bring ammo or don your 3 star Sneak Card, because you’ll need to take care of a number of Super Mutants and two hounds downstairs or sneak past all of them.
  • Delbert’s Company Tea recipe is located at Superior Sunset Farm in a half-open basement of this farmhouse in the Cranberry Bog. It is pinned to a cork bulletin board.
  • Delbert’s Corn Pone recipe is located in a small funnel cake stand at Tyler County Fairgrounds. This kitchen spawns a Scorched inside.
  • Delbert’s Delicious Deerskins recipe is located behind a Level 2 locked door to a candy shop at Wavy Willard’s. Be sure to equip your lock picking cards.
  • Delbert’s Granny’s Sweet Tea recipe is located at Mac’s Farm on a small table to the right of the front door entrance. Watch out for the Mirelurk Queen and two Mirelurks around the house.
  • Delbert’s Mountain Hocks recipe is located next to a skeleton in the Red Rocket just outside of Flatwoods. This recipe is currently located at Beckwith Farm (Savage Divide) on top of a stone of a burned out campfire.
  • Delbert’s Mud Cookie recipe is located on the kitchen counter of the blue house at Aaronholt Homestead.
  • Delbert’s Pothole Potpie recipe is located in the center of Treehouse Village in the Mire. It is on a shelving unit across from Lorne’s terminal. This recipe can now be found at The Retreat (formerly named Treehouse Village). The recipe sits immediately to the right of Lorne’s terminal which was moved onto a small desk in a new area. From the spawn point, run straight ahead towards a power armor repair station, run up the stairs and into the red door.
  • Delbert’s Sweet Labrador Tea recipe is located inside of Raleigh Clay’s Bunker in the mire. It is on the dining room table in the kitchen. You will need to begin the quest at Abbie’s Bunker to get the password to gain access to Raleigh Clay’s bunker.
  • Delbert’s Sunshine Oil recipe was located in Delbert’s trailer on the nightstand next to the bed. It can currently be found inside the right most of two adjoining houses in Welch on the kitchen counter.
  • Delbert’s Tato Salad Surprise recipe is located on the kitchen counter at Silva Homestead.
  • Delbert’s Traditional Chitlins recipe is located at the Spruce Knob Lake Campground Area (Savage Divide). It is located on a picnic table near a blue cooler next to the edge of the table. This recipe unlocks Chitlins Con Carne.

Updated Note as of 2/2021: As of a recent update (perhaps Steel Dawn), Bethesda removed two of the recipes from Flatwoods and located them elsewhere. Delbert’s Sunshine Oil recipe can no longer be found next to the bed in Delbert’s trailer. Delbert’s Mountain Hocks recipe no longer spawns next to the skeleton in the Flatwoods Red Rocket. Of the three, only Delbert’s Appalachili recipe remains in its original location in Flatwoods.

Here are pictures of each of these recipes in Fallout 76:

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Recipe Notes

Delbert’s Company Tea requires using a serving of Delbert’s Sweet Labrador Tea to make. This means you’ll need to have both recipes to make Delbert’s Company Tea. To make Sweet Labrador Tea, you’ll need honeycomb… a very hard ingredient to find in the game. As for where to find honeycomb, I’ll have to leave you to locate that in Fallout 76 for yourself.

Also note that you are allowed to pick up all of these recipes more than once, as of now. However, the recipes may also only be acquired once per 24 hour period of time (real 24 hours, not in game hours). This means you must wait for the recipe to respawn over a full 24 hour day of play time. Note, Bethesda can always change this or any game mechanic. If the recipe hasn’t respawned and it seems like a long time, you must play a full 24 hours of real clock hours in Fallout 76 before the recipes will respawn. Basically, give it plenty of time.

Alternatively, here’s a faster way. If you have multiple characters and subscribe to Fallout 1st, while waiting for them to respawn for your primary character, have your alt characters go get the recipes and hand them over to your primary character. Each character has a separate 24 hour clock for these recipes.

Good Luck!


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